"Naked Toes" is the name of
my music project... from time to time
i will present some of my works here.~

Pale Grey

March 12th, 2010 + 5:03 AM  ·  JohnnyMahony

This one is a song i wrote a long time ago... then there was my friend Sammy,
who managed to write some lyrics and a singing voice for this one. Once we recorded
her singing, i began to work on the mix immediately - and it took me half a year
to finish it, because really had problems to figure out how i want this song to sound like,
which made me have a break of some month (i really have been on war with this song).
I know there will be many of you guys again saying "it's clipping, it's clipping!", but no,
really, i distort a lot of things.. the bass and even the drums (i love distorted drums).
By the way i hate to mix everything to the middle (of the frequency range)...
Oh, something else there... i know i used a lot of compression on this one, but i think
it really fits the song. What do you think? My songs don't sound like classic pop- or rock songs (on purpose!)... so please listen to it from an "indepentent point of view"

Hope you like it!

PS: I will upload the lyrics later...

Does It Need A Name

February 18th, 2010 + 1:02 PM  ·  JohnnyMahony

This one is a new song from my music project "Naked Toes".
Bettina, a friend of mine, turned out to have the perfect voice
for this song...
The lyrics came into my head because of some personal experiences,
the result is a song which sounds quite "amusing", but with a serious topic.
I think this is my first song without any guitars - wanted to try something new.
Well, i hope you like it!


glamourize what it was like
the last time - maybe we should tame
the wild in it to choke the fight
choke to make it feel the same
the same   same  same   same
    same   same  same   same
fear the blizzard, call it rain
and cheat your heart for a safer game

does it need a name?   
does it need a name? no.
don't you dare to tame this
and destroy it with a name!
does it need a name?
i say does it need a name? oh,
could you stand the blame?
does it need a name?

you know "A" and you know "C"
but we match "B" - i bet - you'll see
i need you to believe in me
that this way is the way to be
to be   be   be   be
   be   be   be   be
jump into the coldest sea
have the heart to face reality

[chorus again]

A Ball And Chain

April 23rd, 2007 + 4:04 AM  ·  JohnnyMahony

"A Ball And Chain"
by Naked Toes & Olive

This is the very first track i recorded... it has been some time ago when i made a rough
drum track and recorded the guitar track... now, when i had the chance to ask a friend of mine
to make vocals for my song, i worked on it again... and together with her great voice
and vocal track (be honest - her voice is a hit ) it's what it was planned to be: a trip-hop-track
with female voice and dry sound..
i always want to make tracks with a full song structure.. i rarely record just a riff or some experiments,
because i'd always be unhappy with something that doesn't lead you through a whole musical story or
the moods a want to express.. so this track here has a full structure, too - it would be cool
if you listen to the whole thing, theres a break and stuff you would miss and i would like
to have your review on that, too thanks a lot!
i hope you enjoy it - there will be more of that kind!
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